A Stop on the Hippie Trail

In the late 1960’s Amsterdam became a kind of mandatory stopover for hippies during their wanderings towards the mystic realms in the East. These new-age travelers would sleep for a few days in the Vondelpark, meet in the Dam Square right in front of the National Monument, and explore the rich counterculture of the city. The world changed a lot since then, but if you want to get a feeling of that time, I have a place for you: The Electric Ladyland Museum, situated on a quiet street in the Jordaan.

The concept behind the museum is simple: with a few ultraviolet lamps, even the most common objects reveal their mysterious “inner light”. In a 30 minutes demonstration crystals, works of art, but also ordinary objects like coins or stamps turn into magic treasures, tickets for a mystical trip to the times of flower power. The owners, a nice couple in their 60s, have many stories to tell about their voyages to India and the Himalayas, but also about the happy age when people still believed in peace and the kindness of strangers. I think 5 EUR is a price worth paying for that. For more info, this is the museum’s site:



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