Art in the Mist

This was one of the most beautiful destinations I visited last year. On a quiet Sunday morning, we went first to Zwolle, in Overijssel, one hour away from Amsterdam, and then took a regional train to Heino, a small village 17 km. away from the city. The train left us at the edge of the village, and then we had to walk about 20 minutes through the forest, in the morning mist…it was one of the most eerie and beautiful landscapes I have seen in a long time. Our destination was Kasteel Het Nijenhuis, one of the two locations of Museum De Fundatie from Zwolle. It hosts a part of the museum’s art collection, as well as an extensive sculpture garden. The visit exceeded by far my expectations: the quiet and beautifully maintained garden, as well as the castle itself, are definitely worth a trip, even if the location is “far” by Dutch standards.

Kasteel Het Nijenhuis is one of the best preserved manor houses in the province of Overijssel. It was first recorded in 1382, and it was occupied in turn by several noble families such as Van Ittersum, Bentinck, Von Knobelsdorff and finally Van Pallandt. After being sold to a religious association in 1934, it gradually fell into disrepair. In 1958, it passed into the hands of the art collector Dirk Hannema, who restored it with assistance from the Provincial Council of Overijssel. Under his supervision, the castle was turned into a museum, with Hannema’s own collection as the starting point. Museum de Fundatie continues his work today and presents a part of his extensive collection in the Castle. In addition, temporary exhibitions are held regularly and the sculpture garden currently owns more than 90 works of art. A great destination for a quiet Sunday afternoon!

See below the museum’s site:


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