A Beautiful Wasteland

A short ferry ride is all it takes to get from the busy center of Amsterdam to one of the most bizarre places in the city: the NDSM Werf, a former shipyard turned into a center for underground culture and events. The site was until 1984 the largest shipyard in Amsterdam. When it closed down, the abandoned workshops and warehouses were quickly squatted: their generous spaces provided shelter to many young artists and craftsmen. They soon formed the Kinetisch Noord association, and managed to obtain support from local authorities for further development. The site includes now an “art city” (Kunststad), in the former NDSM hangar, a mini-hotel located at the top of the last remaining crane, several cafes and office buildings. Besides these, the surrounding area hosts an almost surrealistic collection of objects of all sorts, like an abandoned submarine, a Greenpeace ship, a tram converted into a makeshift apartment, an amazing collection of graffiti, a boat hotel and container houses for students. NDSM is a favorite location for summer festivals or other outdoors events, and also hosts the largest flea market in the city. A well-known Amsterdam secret, the site is a proof of the city’s capacity to reinvent itself, and a model for creative urban renewal.

See below a link to the NDSM internet site, which provides more information about the local events and activities:



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